It’s October 10, 2010.  A perfect trio of 10!  Lots of people must be getting married, or wishing to have been born on this day, or trying to get their kids born on this day.  Probably at 10:10 AM.

It’s weird how people obsess on dates like these.  Like Sept 9, 2009 (09-09-09), August 8, 2008 (08-08-08), or that kid that might have been born on 4:56AM on July 8, 2009 (4:56  07-08-09).  You get the idea.

People ascribe certain intrinsic values on how the numbers repeat or sequence on the way dates are written, thereby declaring some days as more auspicious than others.  I guess there’s some sort of numerological significance and methodology in such determinations?  Maybe the stars and the planets form a heart-shaped pattern? I really don’t know.

Also, in the course of civilization, humans utilize different calendars. So technically, the day is special only for the people who use the Gregorian Calendar (i.e. not the Chinese, or the Islamic, or Mayan calendars).  Check this out from Wolfram Alpha (really cool site!):

month/day/year | 10/10/2010
military | 2010283
Julian day number | 2455480
Julian day | 283 2010
Jewish calendar | 2 Chesvan, 5771  (until sunset)
Islamic calendar | 2 Dhu al-Qi'dah, 1431 (until sunset)
Chinese lunar calendar | 3 jiuyue, 4707
Mayan long count |
Mayan Haab | 10 Yax
Mayan Tzolkin | 7 Caban
zodiac sign | Libra  \:264e  (The Scale)

So really, if you think of it, this day is really no different than any other day.  Or since I’m an optimist, I’d like to think that this day is just as unique as any other day. 🙂

There will still be the same number of hours.  For good things to happen is just as probable.  As for any date to be declared as “Lucky”, to quote what Oprah once said to Julia Roberts in an interview – “Luck is where preparation meets opportunity”.

Hang on.  Maybe it IS auspicious because it’s an easier date to remember for anniversaries and birthdays?  But for sure, people still forget, especially if they’re too busy with their own lives to care (man, that’s cruel!)

And also, I have this feeling that human beings fear that very fact – that a given day is like any other.  We are wired to look forward to certain things and place meaning where we can find it.  Makes this humdrum life less of a rut.

I guess that’s why our civilization’s concept of time is structured to have weekends and holidays.  It’s a balance that has to be kept.  I love my weekends, even if sometimes I need to work.

Happy Columbus Day Weekend to my friends from the US!

(Off-Tangent much?)

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