100 hits

Something pretty cool happened today:

First 100 hits!

Very amateur to be excited about something like this, right?  This might not be much when compared to other heavily-trafficked blogs, with constantly updating content (some probably have more than 100 hits per second!).

But to me, it’s a start.  Even the biggest websites and blogs had their first 100 hits at some point.

And I count my milestones where I can.  I only started this blog as an avenue for venting, and really, to start writing again.  I think I may have actually written more in the past month than in the past 2 years (audit working papers and memos really don’t count!).  I’ll likely look back to this day, and get inspired to write some more.  I’ve started on committing to 750 words a day, through this really cool site, 750words.com.   It’s been a really cool tool, though my first few days have been like verbal diarrhea.

According to Flag Counter, these hits came from 35 unique visitors from 5 countries. (click on the link on the right).

To the folks kind enough to click to the site, thank you for visiting this corner of the web. I’m sure you probably had better things to do, so I really appreciate it.  🙂

P.S.  Comments, ideas and suggestions are welcome – they’d be a great help.

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