Lost my voice! (only getting it back)

I started my year having lost my voice due to a cough. It was a terrible feeling. For a good week or so, I could barely speak without going into bouts of coughing. I would whisper to people I attempt conversation with. For the first time in years, my sleep got interrupted multiple times due to coughing in the middle of the night (people who know me know that I sleep like a log).  I’ve tried all the home remedies and various expectorants and mucolytics. And I’m glad that I’m convalescing and getting my voice back.

During the past week, I realize that I gradually began to lose patience with small talk. I began to screen my conversations, and really attempt to speak when really necessary.   I would mime some (Charades!), or would carry my notebook so I can write something down that I could not get across. (Took a lot of notes, wrote lots of emails, sent a lot of text messages).

I realize I listened a bit more, and all the more appreciate how great a gift it is to be able to communicate orally. It’s a good realization to have, and I do appreciate the insight. I probably needed it.

I got to thinking about that phrase “Talk is cheap”.

What if it’s not?

What if we human beings only have a limited number of words to speak in our lifetimes? What would we say? Who would we say it to? Will we attempt something profound? Humorous? Will we shoot for impact or legacy? Will we be more careful of what we say and how we say it?

It’s so easy to take things for granted.  Coming into 2011, may we appreciate the gifts we have.

Here’s a cool video I came across in 2009, featuring Nick Vujicic:

My wish is for everyone to find their inspiration.  2011 is going to be great!  Cheers!

Note:  Today,  1/10/11 is  palindromic date!  And tomorrow, too! (1/11/11 )  Something about these kinds of dates make me geek out.