This photo of sunlight streaming through the east window of Grand Central Station was taken from my phone, with a filter from the Instagram app.

While taking the picture, it struck me. I really like mornings.  And I love mornings in the City, especially in transportation hubs like Grand Central, Penn Station and Port Authority, during the weekday rush.  I’m surrounded by people who are eager to get somewhere.  From these trains and buses are people who will fill the buildings, perform their tasks, collect their paychecks, pay their taxes (hopefully!), and change the world.

Sometimes, there are hiccups in the transportation system (it’s bound to happen with so many moving parts), like delays and stoppages.  One thing I’ve noticed is that since everyone in the bus/train/station is subject to the same conditions, there forms some sort of strange affinity (like when everyone’s running late, but at least you’re not alone).  As soon as people get to the office, they usually open all conversations with “Guess what happened at the subway today”, or “Traffic was terrible at the tunnel”, or “My train got delayed.  We were stuck in the same spot for 45 minutes!”.  We grab our coffee, and we go about our day.  Those morning hiccups and delays will have been forgotten in a few days (unfortunately because they’re usually replaced with new ones).

This type of morning commute has become a way of life for so many people.  And this controlled chaos makes me feel alive.  Look, I know I’m weird for being fascinated with these things, but I’m sure I’m not alone in this.  Here’s a cool illustration of NYC’s population – day vs. night:

image credit: Buzzfeed

Sometimes I do struggle to get out of bed, especially after a late night at work.  I do have those days.  But after I win my heroic minute and take my shower, I’m usually ready to go about my day.

Maybe someday, I’ll grow tired of this frenetic pace.  But not today.  And maybe not anytime soon.  I’m enjoying this too much.

(Note: this post is probably too random for taste, but I needed to blog something for February 2011, just so I don’t skip a month)