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Now the pictures, in random order.  Not too much time to curate and arrange. Cheers!

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Exploring Peru and Machu Picchu with #under30experiences

A month ago I embarked on this trip to Peru with Under30Experiences.  A trip like that inspires one to write (and not having done so for quite a while, I realize I’ve seriously missed it).  A little delayed, but here’s my summarized personal travel journal (thanks to Dan, Lauren and Nicole for the inspiration and the peer pressure!)

July 1, 2014 – Two specific events in the first day uncannily foreshadowed what the trip was going to be about for me.

While walking at Larcomar with Matt, Cesar, Analee and Micah, a stranger on the street asked our group how long we’ve known each other, and we all answered almost simultaneously “we had just met this morning.” We had a good laugh about it because it was true.  But it was the start of the impression that U30X really curated this group so well that it’s not entirely inconceivable for folks to be fast friends.

Fellow trivia buffs, word nerds, computer geeks, social media mavens,personal finance aficionados, jokesters, dancers, yoga instructors, seasoned athletes, hikers, world travelers, city dwellers, card sharks. Name a label, however eclectic, we probably have one or few in the group that would fit the bill. Which makes this group very interesting and very enjoyable company.  I’ve come to the realization that folks in this group have aspects of their lives and personalities that I find either find mirrored in myself or would like to emulate, often a good combination of both.

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