I’m an auditor.  I listen and observe.  I’m in search of answers.

What would you do if you had a free Saturday afternoon?

Jog or Hike, Read good books, Facebook and Tweet, Play Computer Games, Surf the Web, Catch up on TV, Watch movies, Eat pizza and drink Coke Zero, Listening to good podcasts, Nap.

This blog will feature musings, random thoughts and off-tangents, as well as stuff that inspire me that I feel like I need to chronicle.  Or just venting to keep my sanity.  I’ll also post reviews of books, movies, tv shows and music.  When I get a free Saturday afternoon.

The Blogger:

Some people would consider Floyd a workaholic corporate slave.  Gets to work early, leaves late, sometimes works on weekends.

Floyd is a real-life auditor working in New Jersey and New York.  A huge fan of Pop Culture and Technology (with a very wide range of tastes in music, movies, TV.  A genuine bookworm with an unnatural fascination for navigation and transit systems.)  A regular Jeopardy viewer.

Floyd is happily single.

For now.

Find out more:


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